CHO Resources


Unless otherwise noted, these documents are in PDF format. [Most computers can open PDF documents; Adobe® Reader® is available free of charge.]

Policies & Procedures

  • updated HMIS Disclosure [pdf] (08/25/2016)
  • updated Purpose of Data Collection Notices [pdf] (08/25/2016)
  • HMIS Consolidated Polices & Procedures [pdf]
  • HEARTH HMIS Requirements Proposed Rule 12/9/2011 [pdf]
  • HUD Chronically Homeless Definition [pdf]
  • updated Glossary of Acronyms [pdf] (08/25/2016)

HUD Data Standards & Other Documents

  • new August 2016 — version 5.1
    • HUD HMIS Data Standards Manual [pdf]
      This document is intended for use as a reference for community members, HMIS staff, and HMIS users and provides less technical detail on each data element, detail on when to collect the data, which clients it should be collected for, and any special considerations or changes from the previous data standards.
    • HUD HMIS Data Dictionary [pdf]
      This document is intended for HMIS Vendors and system administrators because it provides logic and system-level detail required for programming HMIS systems to collect the data properly.
  • new July 2016 — version 5: Standards Manual [pdf] & Data Dictionary [pdf]
  • July 2015 — version 3: Standards Manual [pdf] & Data Dictionary [pdf]
  • August 2014 — version 2.1: Standards Manual [pdf] & Data Dictionary [pdf]
  • May 2014 — version 2.0: Data Standards Manual [pdf] & Data Dictionary [pdf]
  • March 2010: Data and Technical Standards [pdf]
  • July 2004: Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS); Data and Technical Standards Final Notice; Notice [pdf]

Program Specific Manuals

  • March2015
    • CoC Program HMIS Manual [pdf]
    • ESG Program HMIS Manual [pdf]
    • PATH Program HMIS Manual [pdf]
    • VA Program HMIS Manual [pdf]
    • RHY Program HMIS Manual [pdf]
    • HOPWA Program HMIS Manual [pdf]

Standard Reporting Terminology Glossary

  • new September 2016 [pdf] (October 2016)
  • October 2015 [pdf] [link] (October 2015)


  • updated CoC/ESG Entry
    • new For Emergency Shelter and Safe Havens [pdf] [xlsx] (09/28/2016)
    • new For all other projects (RRH/PSH/ETC) [pdf] [xlsx] (09/28/2016)
  • updated CoC/ESG Update [pdf] [xlsx] (09/28/2016)
  • updated CoC/ESG Exit [pdf] [xlsx] (09/28/2016)
  • updated Adult Employment, Education & Military History [pdf] [xlsx] (09/28/2016)
  • updated Children’s School Information [pdf] [xlsx] (09/28/16)

Data Entry Aids

  • CoC/ESG Assessment Cheat Sheet [pdf] (09/29/15)

Data Quality