ESG/CDBG Program

Notice of 2nd Public Comment Period
The City of Toledo announces a Second Public Comment Period on the Draft One-Year Action Plan to be submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on or before August 16, 2017…For information, please download the full notice using the link above.

ESG/CDBG Application FAQs

FAQ [pdf] (updated: 02/22/2016)

Continuum of Care Applications

  • 2017
  • Click here to view the application page.


  • 2016
  • OH-501 Continuum of Care Application for 2016 [pdf] (09/09/2016)
  • OH-501 2016 CoC Project Applicant Rankings [pdf] (09/09/2016)

Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board (TLCHB)

The Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board serves as the governing body of the Toledo Lucas County Continuum of Care. Composed of 17 representatives of the local community including; public sector, private sector, business sector, faith-based organizations, funders, and TAAEH, its mission, primary function, vision, and core strategy are outlined below:

  • Mission – To provide leadership for the elimination of homelessness in Lucas County
  • Primary Function – Plan for and oversee a coordinated, comprehensive, and targeted response to homelessness in Toledo/Lucas County
  • Vision – All Toledo/Lucas County citizens desiring to be “homed” will be, “Homed” is living in safe, affordable permanent housing with adequate resources and support systems to achieve one’s potential and contribute to the well-being of one’s household and community
  • Core Strategy – CASE Plan (Community Alliance and Strategic Efforts to End Homelessness Plan)


Updated: 11/27/2017

  • Michelle Isaacs, President
  • Evelyn McKinney, Vice President
  • Craig Gebers, Interim Treasurer
  • Heather Baker, Secretary
  • Cheryl Hunt, Deputy Chief
  • Karin Coble
  • Julie Embree
  • Lt. Mike Falor
  • Commissioner Pete Gerken
  • Samual Harden
  • John Leibig
  • Ken Leslie
  • Thomas Luettke
  • Mark Mockenstrum, CPA
  • Tonya Pace
  • Daniel Rogers
  • Rodney Schuster
  • Demetria Simpson
  • Stanley Smith
  • Silvia Snyder
  • Kate Sommerfeld
  • Scott Sylak
  • George Thomas
  • Susan Wren


Board Documents

Click here to review board minutes and other documents.