“Homed” is living in safe, affordable permanent housing with adequate resources and support systems so as to achieve one’s potential and contribute to the well being of one’s immediate household and the community at large.

The CASE Plan outlines four main goals: homeless prevention; coordinated homeless services; sufficient affordable housing; and community engagement, coordination and oversight. These goals direct the efforts of TLCHB, TAAEH and their public and private partners in addressing homelessness in a manner that brings everyone home.

The CASE Plan is a culmination of several community wide planning efforts over the past five years. The annual CASE to Care Community Meeting fosters community engagement, collaboration and investment. Participants include: service providers, consumers, government entities, funding partners, business sector and advocates. Reports posted as completed.

CASE Plan Documents

These documents are in PDF format. [Most computers can open PDF documents; Adobe® Reader® is available free of charge if needed.]