Toledo HMIS Training


How to Create a CAPER Report,
July 19th, 2018

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HUD HMIS Standards Changes in ServicePoint,
October 1st, 2017 (sound required)

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End User Training — July 25th, 2017 (Q2)

  • Training Agenda [pdf]
  • Interim/Annual Procedures [pdf]
  • New APR Insturctions [pdf]


Using Case Manager Functionality in ServicePoint (Video Walkthrough)

2016 Q3 End User Training (09/19/2016)

Video Walk-Throughs

HUD Mandated Changes For October 1, 2014 (Sept. 25, 2014)

Workflow Charts

General Entry/Interim/Exit Workflow (pdf)

Update to Income & Transfer Income to HoH from Child via Interim (pdf)

Video Walk-Throughs

Client Creation

  1. Entry Demonstration #1 demonstrates:
    • Search for Existing Client
    • Create Household
    • Add Child to Household
    • Create HUD CoC/ESC Entry Assessment for Parent
    • Create Racial Sub-Assessment for Parent
  2. Entry Demonstration #2 demonstrates:
    • Adding Child Assessments (The Hard Way)
  3. Entry Demonstration #3 demonstrates:
    • Assessment Tab: Please use …
    • Measurements: Full SPDAT
    • Case Plans: Upload Case Files
    • Complete Chid’s Universal Information from Client Profile Tab
  4. Update & Annual Interims demonstrates:
    • Creation of the Update Interim for the Parent
    • Creation of the Annual Interim for the Parent
  5. ShelterPoint Entry (Interim and Exit) demonstrates:
    • Creation of Entry Using ShelterPoint
    • Shows where Interim and Exits are located

ART Walk-Throughs

  1. ART Schedule Report demonstrates how to schedule a report in ART