ServicePoint FAQs

Q: How should I handle a child’s school information during summer vacation?

A: There are a few facets to the question.

  1. For all children between the ages of 5 and 17, you should complete the Children’s School Information Assessment.
  2. If a child is enrolled in school at the time of entry, you should use that information for the entry.
  3. If a child is not enrolled in school due to summer vacation, you should use the last year to supply the answers for entry.
  4. If a child is not enrolled at all, you still need to complete the assessment at entry.
  5. If a child stays in your program long enough for their school enrollment to change (they become enrolled for the first time, they leave for summer vacation, come back from summer vacation, they change schools for whatever reason), you should create an interim. It should be dated for the day you update it.
  6. You can update the children’s school assessment along with other changes (income/ncb/hi/disabilities) or if nothing else has changed. You can create the interim ONLY for the school information change, or create an interim for all changes during that interview.
  7. Interims for school information should be done even if the interview in which the change is noted is not near the time of school change.
  8. If the school information change is reported at exit, the children’s school information assessment can be updated during the exit.